Lindsley Register


Hi. I’m Lindsley Register, an actor living in sunny Los Angeles, CA.


I come from the Blue Ridge mountains in VA, belonging to a family of 6. Being a daughter of a financial advisor and science teacher, I wasn’t aware of my creative self until college. Doing plays in my undergraduate years changed the course of my life. I spent those four years doing Shakespeare, restoration comedies, Arthur Miller, a few musicals, and religiously studying the craft of acting. After I completed my degrees in Theatre Performance and Theatre Education, I got my first agent and hit the scene.

Within my first year post-grad, I booked a costarring role opposite Kevin Spacey in an episode of HOUSE OF CARDS. I would continue working on indie feature films and several other shows including Tyler Perry’s THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS and Cinemax’s OUTCAST before booking my first series regular role as Dharma Caulder in the new History Channel Series SIX. The navy seal drama lasted for two seasons, which brings us up to date. Most recently I’ve become known for portraying Laura, the neck-tattooed savior on the last three seasons of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD. Thanks for being here to watch my story unfold. 





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